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Any unplanned interruption takes out money directly from your bottom line….

  • Supplier interruptions 10th May 2018 - www.cnbc.com

    Supplier fire isn't just hurting Ford, supply issues are rippling across auto industry Supplies of critical auto components are being threatened after a fire at a Meridian Lightweight Technologies plant knocked out its production. The plant uses magnesium casting to make numerous parts for a number of companies. Capacity cannot be easily switched to another facility.
  • Cyber Risk 15th April 2011 - www.evolven.com

    Despite advances in infrastructure robustness, many IT organizations still face database, hardware, and software downtime, lasting short periods to shutting down the business for days. In a US bank; for six consecutive days, the site delivered a series of slowdowns and outages, which the bank attributed to a combination of technical issues and higher than anticipated website traffic. The problem was noted as the result of a "multi-year project" to upgrade its online banking platform.
  • Maersk wasn’t hacked in 2017 2017 - www.pentestpartners.com

    What? Of course, they were hacked. Right? That €270M loss that Maersk attributed to the incident, covered excitedly by every media outlet? However, it wasn’t a hack. Maersk was collateral damage. Just like the Wannacry ransomware incident earlier 2017. It wasn’t a hack, it wasn’t an attack, it was collateral damage. The Maersk hack wasn’t even ransomware – it was a crypter. That’s malware that just trashes data by encrypting it, unlike ransomware that should decrypt if one pays the ransom. So if losses on this scale can be incurred by accident, what scale of loss could we see in the event of a genuine, targeted attack against a shipping line or any others?
  • Electrical outages

    Electrical outages do belong to the daily things that take place, here are some Japanese example, as it would never happen here by us???
  • Tokyo 2018 2018 - www.spglobal.com

    Manufacturing operations in Hokkaido island in north Japan are likely to be suspended for about a week, due to power outage in the entire region following a 6.7 magnitude earthquake at around 03:08 am local time Thursday (1108 GMT Wednesday) 6th September 2018. Three Japanese beer brewers Kirin, Asahi and Sapporo, the main end-users of aluminium sheets used for cans, also halted production at their Hokkaido plants. "We have not been able to secure power. We will be flexible on our plant operation as there is no clear visibility," said a Toyota Motor spokeswoman, adding that there were no plans yet to shift production to other plants outside of Hokkaido.
  • Product failure - Recall

    Product failure lead to recall…. The funny one – 4th October 2018 – 58,000 Pregnancy tests recalled after giving false result - www.metro.co.uk The critical one – 31th July 2018 – Durex recalls condoms concerns they may burst - www.independent.co.uk The deadly one – 21th November 2017 – Ikea forced to recall 29m chests of drawers and dressers after eight children were killed - www.thesun.co.uk The normal one – just take one in the automotive industry, which have at least a new one each month…
  • The Banks - what next headlines? 2018

    It is wearied, that the banks still do have problem in unforeseen risk in a lot of different, one example is money laundering. They have Enterprise Risk Management, the have tight regulation, they control themselves and they have auditioning both from an accounting perspective and from the regulation’s perspectives. – So what do they do wrong? - Would it be like difficult in other branches with less control?

Who is in RISK?

First line of risk is the one hit by an incident

Second line of risk is the one buying from one hid by an incident

No one can sit back and think it’s not my problem – if you do so you should take all your money and go on casino to enjoy yourself for some times and have a lot of fun, because it would not be fun to sit back and wait for the incident to take place – your alternative is to contact us today if you like to keep your equity as is – we will only take a minor fee for our services.

What do the industry do today?

It is a fact that quit a lot of companies use risk management in a wide range of areas, and they also succeed to avoid interruptions in many ways.

Nevertheless, you still have a lot of losses, which could have been foreseen and avoided.


Watch out for game-changers

Disruption in manufacturing is a daily issue. Therefore, a lot of these well-known risk are easy to manage, but what about the ones we do not know about and the ones coming tomorrow.

What might those game-changers be?

Risk Maturity cited four major game changers in all branches to keep competitiveness:

  • Availability of talent
  • Cost competitiveness
  • Workforce productivity
  • Supplier network

Add in advanced manufacturing technologies, public policy, and the convergence of the digital and physical manufacturing worlds and it’s clear: Manufacturers must evaluate and prepare for associated risks to remain competitive.

All branches that is depending on manufacturing industries would have same challenge.


Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) – we demonstrate how you implement the different disciplines and how to translate theory into effective risk management.

All our examples and everything we do is based on our experience in implementing the different tasks in real life.

We offer comprehensive loss prevention solutions based on facts, tailored to your business and without unnecessary wrapping

Business Impact Analyses (BIA) is a vital part of risk assessment. BIA is very often overlooked and most people think we know what impacts our organisations.

Unfortunately, a lot take it for granted that they know all their risks. At the same time the people involve in identifying the risk are “chose” to the job, as like minded or with same background!

To Risk Maturity best understanding, this is the case, and quite a lot do not make a sufficient BIA. – by doing this discipline comprehensive, you can start planning your risk, which is also your opportunities and the future earnings!

Opportunities is the engine of your bottom line, are you ready to start accelerating?

Get our Crystal-Ball – place it, in the CEO office on a pillar in the mid of the room

The Crystal-Ball Theory (CBT) – It would be nice to just have a crystal ball and to just become all information to avoid any risk! Take first step today, by contacting us and you will soon take off!

– But to foresee a lot of risk and to have risk awareness of the risk just in front of you in your business is the vital part of the Crystal Ball Theory. It is possible to foresee and prevent against a lot of risk to materialize and this can be done without spending tremendous amount of money. With our CBT, you will be able limit losses and thereby increase your profit.

Our CBT is a part of all our products and services.

Your benefit:

Our CBT has been known for centuries, by reading a small part of a fairy tale by HC Andersen’s you will get the point:

The stone of the Wise man, in the most secret chamber of that castle lay earth's greatest treasure - the Book of Truth. Page after page, the Wise Man had read it through. Every man may read in this book, but only parts of it; to many and eye the letters seem to fade, so that the words cannot even be spelled; on some pages the writing is so pale that they seem like blank leaves. But the wiser a man becomes, the more he can read; and the wisest men read the most. The Wise Man knew how to unite the sunlight and the starlight with the light of reason and the hidden powers of his soul, and under this dazzling light many things stood out clearly on the pages before him. But in the chapter of the book entitled "Life After Death" there was not so much as one single letter to see. That grieved him. Could he not somewhere on earth obtain a light by which everything written in the Book of Truth would become clear to him?

Ready to be challenged by Risk Maturity?